Foot Pain From Flip Flops? Arch Supports May Relieve Your Foot Pain

As comfortable as flip flops may usually be, in some instances, they can be extremely painful. Unlike regular shoes, flip flops don't offer much in the way of protection or support. They give you no arch support, no shock absorption or heel cushioning. Most people can get by wearing them for a limited time, but if you're in them too long, you can become a victim of foot pain from flip flops.

The problem is they allow your foot to be a flat as it wants to be. If you naturally have good arches, you may be OK for a while, but if your arches are weaker or flatter, you'll probably start feeling pain before too long.

\"Pain Foot\"

It's ironic that people on vacation can't wait to ditch their wingtips or pumps for a pair of flip flops, only to long for the support of their work shoes after a few days on their feet in their "comfortable flip flops."

Foot Pain From Flip Flops? Arch Supports May Relieve Your Foot Pain

While there are some companies who make a better quality flip flop or sandal, most still can't give you the support your feet need. What's a poor flip flopper to do? Try some arch supports!

Arch supports are devices you place under your feet that help support your arches and hold your feet in the position they were meant to be in. This helps align your feet, bringing them more in balance and improves your stability and comfort. With a set of properly fit arch supports, even those cheap beach flip flops can be worn for hours without causing you foot pain. Can you really wear an arch support in a flip flop? The answer is YES!! With a simple piece of Velcro, your arch supports can easily be secured in virtually any shoe - including flip flops!

The key to foot comfort is having the arch supports custom fit to your feet. No two feet are identical in shape or size, so a "one size fits all" product likely won't work for most people. In addition to matching the arch supports to your feet, you'll also want them matched to your lifestyle and the shoes you wear. (Yes, even your flip flops.)

With personally fit arch supports you can give your feet a vacation, too. No matter whether your footwear of choice is a flip flop, sandal, high heel or running shoe, arch supports can give your feet the support they need to keep you on your feet, doing what you love to do.

Foot Pain From Flip Flops? Arch Supports May Relieve Your Foot Pain

You don't have to live with foot, leg and back pain! Get back to enjoying those activities you used to love doing. With over 300 different styles and sizes of Good Feet Arch Supports, you could be wearing your favorite shoes again, pain free.

Deano Handt's foot was severed and reattached at the age of 17 from a motorcycle accident. He suffered from terrible Sciatic pain for 20 years from the accident, but started wearing Good Feet Arch Supports and his pain was gone. He now runs daily and has run 14 marathons.

A former Good Feet franchisee, Deano is now a Pedorthist and is the Director of Retail Sales for the Good Feet Stores, overseeing 150 locations throughout the United States, Canada and Korea.